You’re ambitious, a real go-getter, you’re known for getting things done. Yet those goals, the ones that seemed so important to you back in January, may have gotten lost in amongst all the background noise. Maybe you’re feeling a little stuck on how to move forward, on how to get inspired, on how to get clear on what you want and most importantly WHY you want it?

Let Boss Bae help you out a bit…

But before filling out the goal setting worksheet, consider this:

"if you don't have big dreams & goals you'll end up working really hard for someone who does"

Boss Bae.


It’s time to get real. Ask yourself if those goals that you set back in January; are still important to YOU or are they goals that you think you should achieve. Be open to the fact that something that was once important to you may no longer fit in. Give yourself the permission to change your mind if it feels right. Values can change overtime depending on what stage of life you’re at.

  • What am I aiming for? (i.e. what’s the goal?)


  • Why is this important to me? Does is it align to the things I value?


  • What will it feel like to achieve this goal?


  • What am I letting get in the way of achieving this goal?


  • What can I do TODAY to step closer to this goal? Think: Who do I need to call, what do I need to cancel, what can I delegate, what needs to be rearranged, what’s the conversation that I need to have.

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